Brilliant Enemies

Take a modest political problem with a fairly technical solution.  Use TV, radio, and the Internet to blow it completely out of proportion.  Sprinkle a few cynical politicians willing to do anything to get ahead.  Add a good number of politicians too scared or confused to resist, until it starts to puff up.   Before you know it, you have ‘serious’ conversations in the works about amending the 14th Amendment.

While we’re at it, how ’bout spray painting that Communist Roosevelt off of Mount Rushmore?  Which one, you ask?  Well, apparently both of them were dirty Bolsheviks.  Who knew?

There are no words to describe the disgust.  No one, and I mean no one, who has a shred of credibility believes for a moment that we are in fact about to pass legislation that would vandalize one of the cornerstones of the Republic.  This is all a sick game.   But the fact that we would stoop to such slimy rhetoric out of pure political gamesmanship is utterly appalling.

The core problem that sits beneath this 14th Amendment posturing is not immigration, or security, or conditions in Mexico.  This problem arises from a horrifying political immaturity in the most powerful nation on Earth.  When did we lose our nerve?  When did we allow our every political instinct to be dominated by bone-rattling terror?  Why do we let entertainers terrify us into acting like idiots?  Are we all sleeping with the lights on?

Are there any grown-ups left in the building?

Deep down, we all know we’re going to get through this.  We are perhaps living through our worst collective freak-out ever, but it’s not our first one.  Just as in the past, somewhere along the way we’re going to find the steel in our spine. We’re going to remember who we are and what we represent.  We are going to grow into these shoes.

Can’t we just decide to do it sooner, rather than later?

Here is footage of Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas performing his latest hit, “Terrorist Babies.” Don’t listen to this alone in the dark, folks.

To quote the Honorable Rep. Gohmert, “They have figured out how stupid we are being in this country to allow our enemies to game our system, hurt our economy, get set up in a position to destroy our way of life, and we won’t do anything about it.”

Yes.  Maybe they have.  They have even figured out how to destroy the hated 14th Amendment without firing a shot.

Clearly, we have some brilliantly sinister enemies.


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