Dirty Old Men

Hardly anybody outside the porn business talks about sex as much as fundamentalists, and nobody can match the voyeuristic ickyness they bring to the subject.

Tea Party guru Jim DeMint is at it again, this time doubling down on creepy comments he made several years ago regarding who should or should not be allowed to be a public school teacher.  Appearing at the Greater Freedom Rally at a Baptist Church in South Carolina this past weekend he continued the second stage of the Tea Party Movement – putting fundamentalist priorities back at the top of the agenda.

He defended his 2004 statement that homosexuals and women (only women) who are having sex outside of marriage should be barred from the teaching profession.  Why?  To protect religious freedom, obviously.  How can I possibly experience the free expression of my faith if you’re out there shamelessly doing whatever you want with your filthy, shameful, tender, luscious young body?


For those who don’t yet get it, the “greater” freedom referred to in the title of the “Greater Freedom Rally,” is of course the freedom to keep other people from doing things that upset me.  You know, freedom to put loose women and homos in their place.

The folks that have elbowed Dick Armey and the Koch family out of control of the Tea Party monster are ready to shed all the whitewash about their focus on “fiscal conservatism.”  As Mike Pence has been explaining lately, there really is no difference between fiscal and social conservatism.  And he’s right, if you’re a Confederate Libertarian.

The ties between the wackiest bunch of TP candidates like Angle, Paul, O’Donnell, Miller, and Rubio, and the fundamentalist movement have always been obvious, but they have downplayed them to avoid the predictable backlash.  That’s why so many of them have been hiding from the media.

If DeMint has his way they may soon stop scrubbing their websites and equivocating about their religious views in public. Pence and DeMint are laying the groundwork for the open fundamentalist takeover of the TP, leaving Armey defeated yet again and the GOP even farther out of the mainstream.

The only meaningful things separating these fundamentalists from the ones our troops are battling overseas are the words they use for God and their tactics – so far.  We’ll see how long the difference in tactics lasts.  But for now, we’re fighting them over there and nominating them over here.  How this kind of nonsense can be tolerated in the Party built by Goldwater and Reagan is completely baffling, and more than a little depressing.

Anyway, for those of you who can’t wait to be more free – free to have your personal decisions made for you by dirty old men; DeMint and his Tea Party mob have the ticket for you.

I can’t wait until we’re finally free from moral decadence, like those lucky Iranians.


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